12 Days of Darts For Christmas – Day 4 – Daytona Fire GT03

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An extension of the Daytona range, the Daytona GT darts share the same distinctive Trapezoidal grip technology precision machined into 95% pure tungsten.

Overlaid with a sporty blue Titanium Nitride performance coating, to enhance grip and provide your barrel with long-lasting protection.

Technically perfect, visually stunning – Daytona GT is conditioned for the most sophisticated grip, and set off with the Carbon Ti shaft and grooved Storm point for an elegant finish.

Available in 3 steel-tip barrel shapes to provide the ideal solution for your individual grip.


  • 95% Tungsten
  • Trapezoidal Grip
  • Black and Blue Titanium Nitride Coating


What You Get:

  • A complete set of darts fitted with Storm points, short shafts and No.6 shape flights
  • Two additional sets of spare Target Daytona GT Ultra Vision flights
  • Two sets of spare tops for the Carbon Ti shafts
  • Three sets of flights protectors
  • A Target Daytona GT badge


24g51.00 mm6.50 mm
26g51.00 mm6.70 mm



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