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12 Days of Darts For Christmas – Day 8 – Target Corona Lighting

If you are serious about your darts you need the Target Corona Dart Lighting System this is the entry level of Target Lights for darts, but not in nature. The system is easy to set up and attaches straight to any metal surround board. The board is that well lit that I have no other lights on just to focus on the target.

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12 Days of Darts For Christmas – Day 3 – Bundy Dartboard

If you are a fan of Bundaberg and darts, you’ll love this darts set which contains everything you need to get you playing. The set comes with a stylish 2 door Bundaberg Rum Dartboard Cabinet with chalkboards and dart holders inside each door, a Bundaberg Rum Dartboard and 2 Sets of Bundaberg Rum Darts. It also includes chalk and a duster cloth so you can get the competition started right away!

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