Target Dave “CHIZZY” Chisnall 90% Tungsten Gold Darts 24g

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Chizzy Pixel Grip 24 grams









  • Nice Feel
  • Grippy
  • Looks


  • Too Grippy for some




Target Dave “CHIZZY” Chisnall 90% Tungsten Gold Darts 24g


Target 90% Tungsten Dave Chisnall darts, complete with a steel point, Pro Grip shafts and Target 100 micron flights.

Chizzy joined the PDC in January 2011 and was voted the best newcomer in 2012 and is one of Targets brightest hopes for the future. These darts are coated in Gold Titanium Nitride this is a PVD coating used in the tooling Industry to protect against high wear. These darts are further re-machined to leave a stunning Gold and Natural Tungsten two-tone effect finish.

These Pro Player darts are produced to a professional standard and each dart is laser engraved with the “Chizzy” logo. These darts are endorsed by Target professional darts player Dave Chisnall and bear Target’s unique lifetime barrel guarantee.



  • Set of three 90% tungsten barrels picked out with gold highlights and match weighed to within +/- 0.05g make these a cracking looking and performing set of darts.
  • Set of three nylon shafts with Dave “CHIZZY” Chisnall slot ring flights which lock the flights to the shafts eliminating flight  “pop-offs”.
  • Target’s Precision powered high carbon steel tip points.


WeightLength (mm)Width (mm)


Our Verdict:

Is it just me or 90% darts no matter what brand they are just feeling right, the Chizzy’s 90% Tungsten Gold Darts 24g is no different.

The overall look of the dart is great nice gold coating with an excellent gripping barrel and black shaft and chizzy flights, they have a look of exceptional quality and confidence about them, just like chizzy himself.

AS with most Target darts they have a great balance to them, the straight barrel allows most grip types to find a comfortable position to hold the dart.

With all our testing that we do we ask ourselves a three questions

  1. Would we buy them
  2. Would we play matches with them
  3. Would we recommend them to all to try

Chizzy’s are a yes to all three we HIGHLY RECOMMEND these darts for all levels of play especial new players due to the price point.

These are definitely on the shopping list a little surprise in your LDS.

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