Dartboard Placement

Were to place your dartboard is to encourage you to practice more not have the board in a place were you can easy not throw a dart.








It’s not as strange a question as it seems. The placement of the practice board will determine how often you will practice and how well you will practice.

Over many years of playing, I have been asked to help set up a board for practice purposes in peoples homes or sheds. The 1st question I`ll ask them is where “they” would like it? , and more often than not we would find another, more suitable location.

I have had friends that have asked me to put the board up in a spare room down the back of the house or unit against my advice and months later I ask them how their practice is going and they reply with, “ yeah umm haven’t really had much of a chance to practice, I`ve been too busy”.

My personal preference is to put the board up in the room you would spend most of your time in and, one that you would feel most comfortable in.

Obviously, the room needs to have enough room to be able to, not only stand at the oche` but to be able to approach it as well. Other things to consider would be the safety of others in the area, eg; you wouldn’t hang the board on the back of a door that gets a high volume of use, or on the wall next to that doorway.

Even if you are standing in the lounge or the kitchen having a coffee, its a start. It won`t be long before you become more keen to spend extra time on that beloved Bandit dartboard.

Practice doesn’t just involve throwing darts at the board but it should also be about practising your approach and practising your mental application, more about that next time – Good Practice and Bad Practice will be the subject of my next Ambassador tip for

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Wayne Weening

Wayne Weening

I love the game of darts, I love how it brings on confrontation, just you and me! Wayne has won 2 Australian Singles titles, A Dortmund Open, Sweden Open, a World Cup Pairs Gold medal( Australias 1st) 2 Australian Masters and 4 Australian doubles.

But most of all its the people you meet in our sport that makes it special.

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