DataDart – Luxurious Black – Review – 2019

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DataDart Black









  • Great Feel
  • Well Balanced
  • Level 3 Grip


  • None That I can think of

DataDart Black 24 gram 90% Tungsten Dart







The Black has been manufactured using cutting edge technology. A matt black titanium coating over 90% tungsten, gives a glare-free finish which has created a dart for precision accuracy with maximum control. Produced in two styles, the ever-popular slim ringed dart and a lovely torpedo ringed for those looking for a shorter thicker barrel.


The Review


When starting out playing darts it is not long before your game improves develops and you start looking for the best dart to suit your style.  I have done this with the DataDart Black 90 % Tungsten dart.


Why is this dart so suitable to my game and possibly yours I will show you


Formula Sports FSA 390


This is my original grip it has changed slightly (see image below) but I have been struggling to find a dart that has the barrel length and grip level that I like and this is what I have found in this black beauty.


I suffer from eczema and apply a lot of cream to hands so they are always soft this is why I like a grippy dart, the Blacks are a 3 level grip. At first, it feels smooth but when you hold the dart to throw there is a great amount of grip, my current darts are Shots Birds of Prey – Kites they have excessive grip levels but will be changing to these darts for sure



The kites are 48mm and the Black are 50mm what that means for me is that I can stabilise my grip better which in turn gives me a more consistent throw.


So let’s look at the dart 

These are the Stats of the darts

DataDart – Black – Slim Ringed 24g – Length 50.00mm Width 6.97mm

DataDart – Black – Torpedo Ringed 23g – Length 44.98mm Width 8.02mm

Shots Darts – Birds of Prey – Kites 23g – Lenght 48mm Width 7.6mm


Being 24 gram and slim the darts allows you a bit more control, which in turn gives you confidence in the dart.

The Barrel has a series of rings that are part of this nicely tapering barrel which looks sleek and refined.

The points are a little thicker than I am used to, they penetrate the board well and grip the board firmly.

The Shaft is a black alloy that matches the whole look and feel of the dart, the shaft is there intermediate at first I had a little trouble getting the flight in as I didn’t realise that these types of shafts hold the flight firmly and will be hard to remove in play.

The Flights that come with the darts are the DataDart Black metronic I couldn’t find the exact information but they feel about 100 microns.


The dart is coated in a titanium matt black which I like for a couple of reason

  1.  It looks sleek and sexy
  2.  When you have thrown the dart there are no reflections coming off the lit board from the dart, what does this mean you have a clean site for the next dart.

I heard one of the English commentators talk about black darts and that they are better for seeing or not seeing on the board under lights, thought he was joking but nope it is true.



For me these darts are straight into the kit bag and not to be removed, as they are set up out of the box I fell in love with them, the same as the Kites, the feel great and fly exceptionally.

At 24grams and the slimmer barrel, the dart sits nicely in my grip and allows me to have confidence that the dart is what I want to play with and leaves the rest of the game up to my ability or lack of you can’t blame the dart here.

The matt black finish is sleek and gives it a feel of exceptional quality with a look of luxury.

The Shorter Barreled Torpedo has the same look and finishes just with the shorter barrel if that’s your shape.



These are the darts for me I have rated them 10/10 I know this is subjective but that’s where the site, they are as good if not better than the more known brands in Australia like Target, Winmau, Red Dragon, but these little beauties out of the UK are just that beauties.

The other great things are that they are at a price point that will allow all players to purchase them at the time of writing they were $79.99 which is great value for a 90% tungsten dart with a titanium coating.

The DataDart Black would suit all levels of player with the best part being if you are new to the sport of darts these are a great starting to point to play with that won’t break the bank and you will be using for years to come.

I have now tried the torpedo model and they have the same feel and balance as the slim ringed, would I use them no because I prefer a longer shaft, however, if you like a shorter barrel and the torpedo shape, which is similar to Targets Phil Taylor Gen 5 I would be going with these guys in a heartbeat,

So what do they compare to the Harrows Wolfram

So what do they compare to the Tarhet Phil Taylor Gen 5



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