Formula FSA 390 Competition Darts – Price isn’t Everything

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Formula FSA 390 Competition Darts, 90% Tungsten 25g

$57.95 rrp








  • Tungsten
  • Inexpensive
  • Great Feel


  • Shafts
  • Flights


 What the manufacturer says:

The Formula 390 series are serious darts designed for the serious competitor.

90% tungsten barrels with varying weights and grips allow several options to make it easier to find that “just so” dart. All darts in the series are picked out in black and orange so the dart is clearly visible whether it be against a black or a white segment.

Ships with a set of nylon shafts, set of Formula flights and a Formula single bar wallet.




What The Darts Place Says:

The great part about the things we get to do here at The Darts Place is that we test gear all the time and things come across our desk every now and then that surprise, as you may have read about the Robson Flights.  This is the same with the Formula DFA 390 Competition Darts.


I will start this one off with the cons, at the price point compared to other tungsten darts I am giving them a let off with the Shafts and Flights they aren’t great, but if you are after this style of dart you will probably have your own so that negates it a little.

So where do these darts sit in the market if you are new to the sport and not sure about how serious you want to play then these are a must for you to try as of writing this review 13/11/2018 they are on sale for the $49.95 at Bullseye Darts Australia and are well worth the purchase.

When you first pick them up they have a nice feel to them, well balanced which gives you the confidence to throw them. I normally play with 22-25 gram darts and selected the 25 gram as the barrel suits my throwing style.





There is a full range of Formula 390 Series darts starting at 19 grams and going all the way up to 40 grams, each weight has its own barrel style so the choices are limitless.

In play, they are great just like any other 90% Tungsten dart great feel, straight out of the box with the flights and shafts that they come with I wasn’t that impressed with but as I stated earlier for the price I am happy to pay that for the barrels considering Unicorn Darts just released the John Lowe phase 2 for $109.95 I know where I would put my money back into an Australian company.

I highly recommend them Formula DFA 390 Competition Darts, 90% Tungsten, bang for your buck you can’t go wrong.


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