Formula Micro Band 3 Pro Bladed Dartboard

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Formula Micro Band 3 Pro Bladed Dartboard

$99.95 rrp








  • Great Price
  • Very Quiet
  • Durable


  • The Green Colour

Formula Micro Band 3 Pro Bladed Dartboard


Formula Sports Micro Band 3 with the Surround and Target Corona Light


The Formula Micro-Band 3 Bristle Dartboard is a great dart board form home or for clubs, in short, the board is staple free with solid ultra slim steel razor wire with the main feature for me being how quite the board is but the darts enter easily with a confident thud.


So let’s break the board down piece by piece.

Setting Up the board was quite simple enough, however, I feel that the mounting bracket or system could be a little better, my recommendation is to purchase the Formula EZY-LOK Dartboard Bracket Set which would make the board more stable on the wall.

The design of the board is exceptional due to a couple of reasons, the first is how quiet it is compared to the Winmau Blade 5 that I also have used there is a significant difference in the two. My board is set up in the garage and before we used the formula sports board you could hear a thud upstairs in the house, now you can’t.

The other part is the razor wire that is used for the segments and its bright white powder coating really defines the areas, the red segments are very bright and visible, however, the green is an olive green and is dull under all lighting, but it is not a deal breaker because it still looks good.

The Playability of this board is as good as any on the market, it is priced well and so far seems to be an everlasting board.  I know you should rotate boards regularly but I haven’t had the need to do so yet as the board doesn’t look worn at all in the month that I have been using it throw darts at every day.


Conclusion, would I purchase this board, definitely yes and with our hesitation, based on all the facts above, price, build, durability.  Sure you can purchase other brands of boards and yes I enjoyed using the Winmau Blade 5 but bang for your buck you can’t go wrong with the Formula Micro-Band 3 Bristle Dartboard. I would also recommend getting a surround for the board at the same time.  In my opinion, this is the ultimate board for clubs, it is priced exceptionally well and the hard waring is the big asset of this board for your club.


Disclaimer: Yes Formula Sports support the darts place, but they have in no way influenced any part of this review

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