Harrows Wolfram 97% Tungsten Darts – Review

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Harrows Wolfram 97% Tungsten Darts









  • Fell Great in hand
  • Nice Grip
  • Bang For Buck


  • Barrel Feels Thin
  • Black Only




Harrows Wolfram 97% Tungsten Darts



Since the introduction of Harrows’ original Wolfram 97% tungsten dart six years ago, it has been on the most popular darts on the market.  Now it is time to welcome the second generation Wolfram Infinity.

Created using the finest injection moulded tungsten to maintain the much loved slim tapered barrel profile, Wolfram Infinity has improved on the look, feel and performance of its predecessor.  These darts are delicately turned on Harrows’ CNC machines to create an intense, all over grip, ensuring a precise and consistent release.

A striking combination of black titanium nitride and a vivid, red metallic coating, complete this stunning addition to the Wolfram family.


  • 97% Tungsten Darts
  • Match Weighted
  • Titanium Nitride Coated
  • Steel Tip Darts




21g50.0 mm6.4 mm
22g50.0 mm6.5 mm
23g50.0 mm6.7 mm
24g50.0 mm6.8 mm
25g50.0 mm6.9 mm
26g50.0 mm7.0 mm


The Review

I must admit it took me a little bit of convincing to try out the Wolfram 2019 darts, the reason being the 97% tungsten I thought harrows would have had to lose balance or barrel size to produce these darts, well I was shocked.

When I first picked them up the felt great with the grip I use as well as a nicely balanced dart, I prefer a dart that does not favour front or back weighted I like the whole dart to have the weight distributed evenly.

The dart promotes an effortless throw which allows you to concentrate on the board and your action, you don’t have to extend your throwing action in any way.

The mix of the 26gram with the 97% tungsten was a great combination as  I normally use 25gram darts.

For me, it was hard to fault the dart loved everything about them, the decider to push them to a 10 was with a nice little add-on of extra points in the well-presented box.


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