Michael van Gerwen 90% Tungsten Originals – Review

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Michael van Gerwen Original 90% Tungsten Darts 23 gram









  • Simple Design
  • Well Balanced
  • Medium Grip

Michael van Gerwen 90% Tungsten Originals – Review


Michael van Gerwen
image courtesy PDC/LAWRENCE LUSTIG


Michael van Gerwen is the number one darts player in the world dominating his sport and opponents. His darts are a simple traditional design with normal shafts and flights, nothing flash just gets him results, so I thought I would give them a try.


Well, my first thoughts that they were lighter than the 23 grams that they suggested on the box but yes they are. They have a clean barrel design no taper just a traditional barrel with ring grips, these being the latest incarnation have the flights with the three stars for his third world championship.




The board that I use for testing is the very quite Formula Sports Micro Band 3 board and these darts hardly make a noise going into the board at all they hit the board firmly and stay there even the not so straight and insecure darts.

The 23-gram darts are 53.6mm in length and are suited to a throw that has a spread grip or you like a longer barrel, as with most darts that I test they are set up well out of the packet, I haven’t had to change a thing.

I normally use the Datadart Black darts 24 grams but these will fit nicely into my game for a couple of reasons.


  1. The barrel design being straight with no taper, in my opinion, helps you drive the darts better when grouping, the tapered darts I feel deflect more than the traditional barrel, giving more confidence to go after tighter groupings.
  2. The way I hold the dart the rings are spaced in a way that I can repeatedly place my fingers on the barrel If I can’t feel it I can count the rings and place my fingers in the right spot. It’s a feel thing but it is there.


So let’s discuss what I mean about the barrel and the drive into the board, this is my observation from using the Datadart Black in practice and competition and using the MVG



The top dart is the MVG and the bottom the DataDart what I have found is that the rigged towards the tip of the dart causes a larger deflection than the straight barrel of the MVG and for me, this is where the confidence has come from, with the sport of darts being measured in mm this to me matters a lot. The next darts I will try are the 25 gram they are 51.6mm long and 6.8mm wide.



In the DataDart review, I made reference to how the black barrel, flight and shafts helped with focus, the same can be said with these darts mainly from the black shaft and flight


At the price point, these darts are there for all to have a set, they are just under the $80.00 mark.


Will you throw like MVG is up to you and practice practice practice but they have helped me throw a little more consistent I will say that.


These are definitely worth a try at your local dart’s store.


Here is a table of the weight and sizes of the MVG originals





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