Red Dragon Darts – Snakebite Firestone II Wallet – Review

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Red Dragon Snakebite Firestone II Wallet









  • Compact
  • Lots of storage
  • Bright Colors


  • Squashes Flights when left on darts

Red Dragon Darts – Snakebite Firestone II Wallet – Review




Red Dragon Darts
Peter Wright




Major winner Peter “Snakebite” Wright has rapidly risen into the Worlds 5th ranked player.

His amazing mo-hawk hairstyles and outfits which change colour every week help make him the World’s most exciting and colourful player in darts today.

Not content with just changing his outfits Peter is always tinkering with his darts, and we offer the full exact range that Peter plays with the week in week out.

We hope you enjoy browsing over the different models as much as we all do seeing him play…”Don’t Stop The Partyyyyyyyyy”…


Red Dragon Darts Snakebite Firestone II double zipped large wallet is designed to hold all the darts accessories imaginable in one safe place. With multiple compartments and finished with a Snakebite Fluoro Pink leather effect spine, this ultra-modern large wallet is a must-have for those with lots of darts equipment.


Cases are like dart’s you keep trying them until you find the right one and this little dragon comes close.


The case itself is small and compact and hold a lot of gear for its size. I use Datadart Black darts which in total length are 16cm and they fit in the back section comfortably with the flights on, the foam surround hold your darts firmly in the cases and they will stay in place whilst being held and moved around.


Red Dragon Darts


With the design of the case there isn’t much room for the flights when on the darts the case actually crushes the flight’s minor problem, but its there if Red Dragon were to redesign this case they should have the complete dart section on the top, not the bottom.


Some other parts that are great are the Shaft holding section they are lined up like soldiers ready to go to battle in the middle section of the case. Flights are stored in many locations and there is a section that you can store money, credit card or loose change.



What I found about this case is that the size is great and if you are not like Peter Wright and have settled on your darts, shafts and flights you can use this case as an everyday darts case, it’s simple design and loads of room will make a great addition to your collection.


If you are after a case that is compact easy to carry and hold a lot of gear this is the case for you if you are not that flamboyant like Peter Wright, then go for the standard Firestone II darts case

Check your local darts shop or nearest Red Dragon Stockist for this little champion case.

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