Review – Target Agora A03 Darts 90% Tungsten 23g 2017 v 2018

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Target Agora Verde A03









  • Nice Design
  • Good Value for Money


  • They don't feel comfortable in your hand

 Agora A03 Darts 90% Tungsten 23g

2017 versus 2018




The new Agora Verde is an extension of the Target Agora range, it looks great with the Angora Green barrel and flight, there is one major difference between the two and that is the barrel design itself.

The Agora has a short front grip then a banded at the back which after time I felt was uncomfortable for me with my grip, I was always feeling for a place that was comfortable for my thumb, this has changed with the Agora Verde with a tighter grip on the back half of the barrel.

They both have the same flight pattern and at 23 grams I feel that I have to release the dart with venom, They don’t have a 25gram but they are still a nice dart.






With both these darts if you don’t commit to your throw they will die on the trajectory quickly.

Just remember that darts are very much an individual feel but these are my observations.


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