Review – RVB 2017 Tungsten 25g Darts

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Target Darts 25G Raymond Van Barneveld 95% 25G Steel Tip Darts 2017









  • Great Feel
  • Ideal Weight Distribution
  • Design

Ray Van Barneveld


5 x World Champion

2012 Grand Slam Winner

2014 Premier League Winner

3 x World Cup of Darts Champion



The RVB is the second set of darts I have purchased and they feel totally different from my first Agora 03 23 gram darts. The Agora felt nice to start with but the more I played with them the more uncomfortable for me they were I was always looking for the grip. I went back to our LDS, Bullseye Darts were Luke and Denise go out of their way to help you, just like when I played cricket I would pick up a bat and if it felt right in my hand that was the one. At Bullseye Darts they have a little rack of darts on the counter and there was a black set with the grip the full length of the barrel they were heavier than what I already had to grab them and they felt spot on in my hand. Had a few throws and bang they were the ones. As a rank newbie to darts, the RVB 95 felt perfectly balanced from the initial pick up to the throws I had with them. You can really feel the grip along the barrel and they feel secure in your hand, they fly nice to my eye and with the weight, you don’t need as much force to throw them.

Technical Bits:

Cut with a combination of trapezoidal milling at the front end and contrasting radial grooves at the back. Black titanium coated and fitted with Target Fire points for premium board grip and fingertip control. Each box contains 3 x RVB 2017 black titanium coated RVB barrels – fitted with black Fire Points, 3 x Pro Grip Shafts, 3 x RVB Ultra Ghost flights. Barrel Dimensions: Weight Length Width 21g 50.0mm 6.60 mm 23g 51.0mm 6.85 mm 25g 51.0 mm 7.14 mm   In short, like most sports equipment you can feel the difference at price points, darts are no exception the retail for these darts is $179.00 and at the time of writing are $119.95 on special at Bullseye Darts due to the new 2018 model coming out. In conclusion, it will be hard to get these darts out of my hand as today I practice for two hours and never had a problem with feel or flight.   RVB Darts

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