WOW – Robson Plus Darts Flights 4 Reasons to Own Them

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Robson Plus Flights









  • Long Lasting
  • Universal
  • Cost Effective


  • Cost





Robson Plus Dart Flights – Universal Fit, Standard Locked Shape

Robson Plus flights are moulded plastic flights with 90-degree rigid wings for reliable and accurate trajectory without the need for stem and flight protectors. The cross form is continuously retained – a big PLUS for better performance.

Robson Plus dart flights will fit onto almost any set of shafts: nylon, metal, plastic etc. so there is no need to purchase expensive specialised shafts. If you have existing shafts that you prefer to use they will almost certainly fit.

The special Robson Plus dart flights design reinforces the weakest parts of the flight (leading edges) which are the first to rip or buckle on a normal set, and include a built-in flight protector where the fins meet to give outstanding durability – far longer lasting than a standard set of flights. They will also vastly increase the lifespan of any set of shafts used with them as the possibility of them being damaged from an oncoming dart is virtually eliminated.

An added bonus is that Robson Plus dart flights are super quick and easy to fit and almost never pop off, saving the frustration of having to pick up and re-fit flights mid game.

All flights come in sets of 3


The Darts Place View:


Sometimes as sports people we stumble across something that just gives you confidence and a great feeling, this is Robson Plus Flights as far as I am concerned, I was in our LDS and asked about the Robson flights and what they are all about.



Here is the outcome of that talk I own a set of them now, lol.  Robson darts are a heavy plastic flight that fits any stem and spinner stem, they have a design that covers all things you need in a dart flight.

  • Universal Darts Slot
  • Built-In Capsule Shaft Protector
  • Reinforced Wing Protector
  • Built-in flight detector


So what does this mean to the layman, well it means that your flights and shafts will last longer, that they are adaptable to any make of shaft? So at $11.95, they may seem a little on the expensive side but durability and the technology behind them compensate for the price. The fly consistently and when partnered with a spinner shaft take your game to another level, fewer deflections.

it is great that we can such a variety in one sport and the ability to build your equipment to where you want it to be, that is the beauty of darts, you can be like the pro’s or be you Robson Flights let you build your darts for you with a such a well-made product I can’t recommend these highly enough.

Do yourself a favour next time you are in your local dart shop, you will be surprised


All reviews reflect the opinion of The Darts Place



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