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Prepare for battle with the Tribal Weapon. Inspired by the ancient arts of Pacific and Asian combat, this dart is anything but old fashioned. Designed for the experienced or competitive player, the Tribal Weapon has a grip like your father in law, to outsmart your rival. The finest 90% Tungsten goes through hell - our intensive 7-stage process - to achieve its precision finish. It's armoured with an ultra-durable, 1-micron copper titanium nitride coating, re-machined for strength and beauty. If you're looking for a competitive edge, the Tribal Weapon is your weapon of choice. Barrel Design: Hybrid pyramid & channel grip offers powerful & positive control. Powerful laser engraved grip on steel tip points.

Shot Darts Tribal Weapon

$99.00 rrp








  • Grip
  • Consistant thumb placement
  • Style


  • not enough grip in contour


Sport is a funny thing and equipment even funnier.  So finding an equipment supplier that produces great equipment across their range is even harder and so far  Shot Darts have done this extremely well so far.  This is our second equipment review, the first being the Kite darts which were an exceptional dart and now the Tribal Weapon which is close to the mark as well.

The tribal weapon is in shape a similar design to the Simon Whitlock darts with an indentation where I sit my thumb, this is a great addition so you can get a consistent position on the dart.  The dart itself is a medium to heavy grip which is great when you start to get a little sweaty under pressure or playing in a hot climate.

AS will all the Shot Darts they come with the eagle claw grip in-between shafts and tribal 100-micron flights.  This combination works extremely well straight out of the box and once again you may not have to change from this setup. The points are nice with a tribal decorative pattern on them.

In play they are a great dart to throw grippy, enter the board well, with ease of throw.  They are quite easy to get a consistent pattern of darts and this comes from the matched weight +/-.05 grams.

Yes, there are bigger brands in the market place, Target, Winmau, Harrows and Red Dragon, I just feel that Shot Darts are up there with these major brands and should be on your shopping list, so far I have reviewed two sets of the dart’s that you can’t falter.  Yes, shot darts to sponsor players and have a junior program but a lot of R&D has gone into their darts.

The Tribal Weapon Darts are Highly Recommended at $99.00 rrp they are a great buy.

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