Sometimes You Have to Jump! 1

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Sometimes You Have to Jump!


That’s me in the green shirt playing James Bailey



Steve Harvey Jump talk is all about taking a risk this is the first I have taken in a long while, I have also included the video of Steve talking about Jump at the bottom of this post.


The Darts Place and darts have become a large part of my life this year and I finally took the plunge and played the Queensland Closed titles in doubles with a great bloke Nick Findlay and singles on Sunday.

Nick and I decided at the last minute to give it ago we both started our darts journey at pot luck doubles on a Friday night at Redlands Darts Association, we have been playing Division 3 and improving, so we first put our names down for a team event against Paradise Darts and enjoyed it that was the week before the closed titles and it was there that we decided to have a go.

On the way to Logan Darts Club, I must admit I was a nervous wreck, but to draw Toke and Shane on our board in the doubles was a little relief, they are from our club, and kept the nerves down and focused, with there encouragement, it is not easy stepping up but you have to jump sometime to improve or succeed.

The Doubles we had John Kitchin/Chris Krabbe, Toke/Shane Mckenna, Tony/Tony W and David Marshall and we managed to snag a game and perform well had a couple of chances but they weren’t taken, one was a big error by me, hey that sort of stuff happens. Both Nick and I are looking forward to our next doubles challenge.

On Sunday it was singles time with the best of the best of Queensland players competing. If you have never been to a tournament like this it is a round-robin then knock out.

On my board, I had James Bailey, Jeremey Fagg, Willy Kamu and Nathan Jarvis. Over the round robin I managed to get one set, but for me that wasn’t the point, I set a goal to get under 170 when the others were checking out I did in most cases, however for me it was the encouragement from the elite players that was not only appreciated but great to see in my new found sport. The take away from the singles was you have to hit your doubles more often than in our Div 3 matches as these guys don’t give you a second chance.

Once these guys were into the knock out rounds, it was great to see the concentration and speed of play increase immensely, that in itself was worth going to see.

So if you want to improve your darts, take the leap and try one of the zones or closed tournaments in your state, you will be nervous, you might be worried about scoring for these guys, they will help you, give advice and encouragement because we all have to start somewhere.

So what are the takeaways from the weekend as a player

Give it a go
Play your darts, don’t worry about what has been thrown by the opposition
Set a realistic goal as I did for the singles
Talk to the other players on the board
Don’t be afraid to ask the Chalker what is left
Have Fun



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