Target Carrera Sport Cruise Darts 21g Review

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Target Carrera Sport Cruise Darts 21g









  • Exceptional Feel
  • Only need a light grip
  • Comfy in the hand



The Carrera Sport is the sportier model in the Carreras range to see the full range Click Here


Carrera Sport – coated and coloured in a Polychromatic Titanium Nitride with bilateral grip technology.

  • 90% Tungsten
  • Bilateral Grip
  • Precision Milled
  • Polychromatic Titanium Nitride Coating


21g51 mm6.70 mm
23g52 mm6.90 mm


The review

The darts I tested were the 21 gram, I normally use 23-25 gram darts when I play, however, these did change my mind on the weight side of things.

When I first picked these darts up the felt extremely comfortable in my hand, just like most sports equipment feel is 95% of the choice you make. From the first throw, they came out well considering I had never used this weight of dart before.

The feel from the darts is that you don’t have to strangle them to get a result a nice soft grip, helps produce consistent results and groupings

After 15 minutes I came to the conclusion that these have been designed well, with a consistent balance across the whole dart, the darts out of the box are wonderful.

After 30 minutes of throwing I wanted to buy them, maybe next time, can you have too many darts?

They are on the higher end of the market but are worth the spend.

Highly recommend these little beauties.


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