Target Phil Taylor Power GEN 5 Darts 24g

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Target Phil Taylor Power 9FIVE GEN 5 Darts









  • Great with bigger Flights
  • A real Personal Feel


  • Flights very small
  • Price
  • Short Grip

Target Phil Taylor Power 9FIVE GEN 5 Darts


Phil Taylor Gen 5


The barrel is then hand sandblasted to create a distinct matte texture for improved grip at the rear, and laser etched with Phil’s signature and Target Logo. Coated in a Blush Gold & Black PVD Titanium Nitride to provide long-lasting barrel protection and enhanced grip. Finished with Ultra. Ghost + Vapor S flight, Power Titanium G5 Short Shaft and Diamond Pro Point.


  • 95% Tungsten
  • Trapezoidal Grip
  • Blush Gold & Black PVD Titanium Nitride Coating


22g40.00 mm7.70 mm
24g40.00 mm7.70 mm
26g41.70 mm7.85 mm


This is a hard one to review as they have been designed by the great man himself and his style. They are a very short bomb shaped barrel that I found hard to grip comfortably.



I threw them for over an hour and at first, with the small ghost + vapour s fight, it was like you had to launch them from a rocket launcher. The flights that come with the darts are really small so my suggestion would be to get the normal Ghost 6 with them, this change made the darts a lot easier to throw but didn’t fix the barrel issue.

If you look at the way Phil holds the darts it suits his style and someone that has developed their style around it.


Phil Taylor Throwing Style


Once I got my head around they are quite a nice dart to throw.


My Grip


For me, these are for a person that is an experienced darts player or an outright Phil Taylor fan.


As design goes the point is nice and grippy and connects with the board well, once you get them under control they are a penetrating flight that would suit a flat thrower.


Summary: Would I personally recommend them no as I have large hand a wide grip as with most things its a personal touch. I know Phil is Legend but not these darts.


What The Pro Says:

The latest addition to the range of the most highly decorated player ever – the Phil Taylor Power 9FIVE Generation 5 Dart.
This dart is ready to throw straight out of the box, fitted with the G5 revamped Power Shaft and Vapor-s Red flights.
With the default set-up, we found that this dart generally planted in the board at a tail down angle, similar to the ‘top stacking’ style that Phil himself pioneered, allowing following darts to be stacked on top of the previous dart for exceptional grouping potential. This flight dynamic is mostly due to the small surface area of the Vapour-s flights designed specifically for Phil, so this flight may not suit everyone as it is very unforgiving for even a slightly imperfect throw. For most players, I would suggest a larger flight which will cause the dart to fly at a more traditional angle, so a good idea to tinker with the set-up to find what works best for you. As a general rule, the heavier the dart, the larger the flight that should be used to assist stability, similar to the principle of a ship’s rudder. We found our favourite flights to use were the Target Ultra Ghost Red TEN-X and Ultra Ghost Red No.6 size, possibly a larger No.2 size for the 26g version.
The barrels themselves have a trapezoidal grip pattern on the front half which gives good feel and reasonable traction without feeling ‘sticky’. They are a fairly short barrel, so for those of you with larger hands, it may be an idea to use a longer shaft. We found that due to the highly concentrated mass of this 95% tungsten dart, they were very stable in-flight and a longer shaft caused no adverse effects to the flight dynamics. The dart will suit several throwing styles depending on how it is configured, but especially a slow-to mid-pace, measured throwing style.
Just to add, these darts are fitted with Target Diamond Pro points which have a cross-hatch pattern along their length, offering phenomenal point to board grip – even the slightest surface penetration will be enough to keep the darts in the board


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