Target RVB95 GEN 2 Darts 25g

Designed to Raymond’s exact specifications, the RVB 95 G2 was developed with Target's team of designers to produce excellent results for his unique throw. Inspired by the V-Stream grip found in Elysian 3 and modified for RVB, the barrel features a unique Trapezoidal grip to offer outstanding levels of grip and feel. Finished with Gold & Black PVD Titanium Nitride coating which provides long lasting barrel protection and enhanced grip. Complete with short Pro Grip shaft, Black Firepoint and NO.6 shape Ultra.Ghost Flight.

Target RVB95 GEN 2 Darts 25g









  • Great Feel
  • Great Balance
  • Nice Flight


  • Price




RVB Gen 2 95 Tungsten
Ray van Barneveld



My Second set of darts and what I still use are the Target Ray van Barneveld 2017 Darts 95% Tungsten 25g which when I first threw them it was the most comfortable dart I had in my hand. At 25 grams I could find a smooth rhythm to throw and maintain consistency and confidence.

When a company release a new model I am always sceptical as they had something I felt as great with the Gen 1 version. Well knock me down with a feather they improved on the Gen 1 and then some.


RVB Gen 2 25gram Dart
RVB Gen 2



The design is great it allows any style of throwing to find a good location to hold the dart with confidence.

When I first look at the dart the gold part of the barrel was a concern to me, having played a lot of sport especially target sports anything that can detract the eye from what it is focusing on is a concern. This was quashed with my first lot of throws you don’t notice it at all.

What you get is a semi-rough grip that oozes with confidence when you hold it. That flight was consistent as with the Gen 1 version.

In the box, you get get the three darts and that’s all folks, for the price $179.95 I think is a little rich, if it was up to me you would also get a nice RVB plastic carry case or additional flights and stems or some type of redemption to a signed RVB poster, but that is the price you pay when a manufacturer sponsors leading players, it is the same with all sports.

Would I recommend these darts for sure, but a little heads up there are plenty of Gen 1 around on sale and would look at those first


Barrel Dimensions:

Weight Length Width
21g 50.0mm 6.60 mm
23g 51.0mm 6.85 mm
25g 51.0 mm 7.14 mm

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