The Formula Sports Darts Centre Opens – Training Centre

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Darts Centre


Training Centre
Formula Sports MIcro Band III


Training Centre


In the coming weeks, The Darts Place will launch stage 3 the training centre for darts.

The Formula Sports Training centre is all about helping guide new players to enjoy the sport of darts. Formula Sports is an Australian Wholesaler of Dart, Cue Sports, Table Tennis and Toys and Games. We approached formula sports to partner with us as they have the values that we at the Darts Place like in business that we work with

1. Australian Owned
2. Take pride in their products and services
3. Work in niche fields

Formula Sports not only have their own darts products they are also the Australian Distributor for Target Darts, one of the worlds leading and innovative dart brands.

Formula Sports have assisted us with setting up The Darts Place test lab with their Micro Band III board and Mat as well as a couple of sets of their FSA darts.

We having been building towards this for some time and all the pieces have fallen into place.

There are some different areas to take note where you can learn from the best players in the world with their dart actions broken down and why they are so good.

We will introduce you into ways to get started, practice and improve your own game. How to select the right equipment and how to develop the correct habits to succeed at whatever level you want to achieve in darts

The final section is interviews with coaches and some of the best players in Australia and around the world on ways to improve your game and what they did to get to the level that they have achieved.

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